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Bultin - News Magazine Adobe XD Template

Bultin - News Magazine Sketch Template

Bultin - News Magazine Figma Template

Neoton - Blog News & Magazine HTML Template

Herr - Digital Magazine Theme

Pressroom - News and Magazine MODX Theme

Neoton - Blog News & Magazine PSD Template

GutenPress – Creative Magazine Template

Javapaper – Classic Newspaper Theme

Binduz - WordPress News Magazine Theme

Neeon - News Magazine HTML Template

Authio. - Authors & Publishers Adobe XD Template

Neeon - WordPress News Magazine Theme

Critique - Magazine, Newspaper & Review WordPress Theme

Nemesis - News Magazine WordPress Theme

Qoxag - WordPress News Magazine Theme

Nerubian - Blog and Magazine Hubspot Theme

Ganesa - Minimal Personal Blog HubSpot Theme

Gute - Minimalist Blog Elementor Template Kit

NewsPro - Blog & Magazine Figma Template

Maglobe - Magazine & News Elementor Template Kit

Mountania - Creative Blog WordPress Theme

Elipsa - Creative Magazine Theme

Networker - Tech News WordPress Theme with Dark Mode

Nuws - Figma News & Magazine App

Nuws - Adobe XD News & Magazine App

kalvin - Simple and Minimal Ghost Theme

Jeg Paywall & Content Subscriptions System with Paypal for WooCommerce

Newsportal - News and Magazine Ghost Blog Theme

Slick - News & Magazine Blog Template

Nuws - Sketch News & Magazine App

Magine - Business Blog WordPress Theme

Zola | Magazine News HTML5 Template

NeoMag - News and Magazine WordPress Theme

Zirex - News & Magazine Mobile Template

Digiqole - News, Magazine HTML Template

Typer - Amazing Blog and Multi Author Publishing Theme

Papr | News Magazine WordPress Theme

Darpan - News Magazine WordPress Theme

Virala - Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Cannes - Blog News and Magazine WordPress Theme

Digiqole - News Magazine WordPress Theme

Digiqole - News Magazine PSD Template

Printpress - Book Publishing WordPress Theme

Akea - Minimal Blog HTML Template

Sinmun - News and Magazine HTML Template

Despacito – WordPress Magazine and Blog Theme

Telling – Multi-Concept News and Publishing Theme

Davenport - Multipurpose Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

Newsbeat - Optimized WordPress Magazine theme

Deus | Multi-Niche Newspaper WordPress Magazine

Bazinews - WordPress Games Reviews & News Theme

Kaadu | Adventure Blog PSD Template

Bimba | Viral Blog & Magazine PSD Template

Maxify | Startup & Business Blog WordPress Theme

Johannes - Multi-concept Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress theme

Gooder - Modern Blog WordPress Theme

Respawn - Esports Gaming WordPress Theme

A-Bomb | News & Blog & Magazine Theme

Wagazine - Magazine & Reviews Responsive WordPress Theme

Cleanmag - Multipurpose Magazine WordPress Theme

Crystal | Personal Blog WordPress Theme

GoodNews - Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

DAILYNEWS - Magazine | Blog | Personal WordPress Theme

Newsmag - News Magazine Newspaper

Magazine / Newspaper / News / Blog WordPress Theme - NiceBird

Weekly News - WordPress News/Magazine Theme

Pressroom - Responsive News and Magazine Template

ReadMagazine - WordPress Theme for Blog & Magazine

Spartan Magazine - News Blog WordPress Theme

Scene - Magazine Theme for WordPress

Games Zone - Gaming WordPress Theme

LiteMag - Easy to use Minimalist Magazine Theme

MightyMag - Magazine, Shop, Community WP Theme

Weekly News - Responsive News/Magazine Template

PaulBlack - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Multinews - Multi-purpose WordPress News,Magazine

Revival - Clean Magazine / Blog Theme

NewsCore - A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP

Curated | Ultimate Modern Magazine Theme

Quadrum - Multipurpose News & Magazine Theme

Weekly News - Premium News/Magazine PSD Template

Simple Life - WordPress Blog Theme, AdSense Ready

Breaking News Daily-Newspaper Magazine Blog-HTML5

Magazine - News / Blog / Review Theme

Santiago - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Tempest - Magazine WordPress Theme

Undo - WordPress News / Magazine Theme

Venus | Magazine WordPress for Magazine

Hooray — Blog WordPress theme for Professional Writers

Realnews - Stylish and Responsive Magazine Theme

Drive - Premium and Responsive WordPress Magazine


Breaking News Daily - Newspaper Magazine Blog

Legatus - Responsive News/Magazine Theme

Blogfest WordPress Magazine News and Blog Theme

World Wide - Responsive Magazine WP Theme

PowerMag: The Most Muscular Magazine/Reviews Theme

GrandNews - Responsive Rating Magazine Theme

Bolid - Responsive News, Magazine and Blog Theme

NewsPlus - News and Magazine WordPress theme

FlyingNews - Responsive Magazine Theme

Supreme - Retina Responsive Magazine/Blog WP Theme

AlYoum | Retina Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

Unicorn - Clean and Responsive Magazine Theme

Minimosity - Magazine, Reviews and News WP Theme

WomanStyle - Blog Magazine News Editorial

MagMan Magazine - News Magazine Theme

Megazine - Responsive WordPress Theme

Atlantic News - Responsive WordPress Magazine Blog

LAMHEN Online Magazine

Maca - News & Magazine Mobile Template

Vinkmag - Multi-concept Creative Newspaper News Magazine WordPress Theme

Ganesa - Minimal WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Akea Blog - Gutenberg Minimal Blog WordPress For Blog

Insider - Contemporary Magazine and Blogging Theme

Vinazine - Joomla News Magazine Template

GotenBlog - Blog, News & Magazine HTML5 Template

Kanamachi - Personal Blog HTML5 Template

Peony - Responsive Premium Ghost Theme

Contentberg - Blog & Content Marketing Theme

Vinazine - Multi-concept News, Magazine HTML Template

Cascara - Blog, News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Marcas | Blog & Magazine Sketch Template

Magsy - Modular Magazine & Blog Theme

Cherry - Ghost Blog and News Magazine Theme

Rouvin | Personal Blog HTML Template

Rouvin | Personal Blog Sketch Template

Kimberly - WordPress Blog & Shop Theme

Opinion - Modern News & Magazine Style WordPress Theme

Bitther - Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

News24 - News and Magazine Joomla Template

Independent - Multipurpose Blog & Magazine Theme

Roslyn - Fashion and Lifestyle Theme for Bloggers and Magazines

Magazilla - News & Magazine Theme

Journo - Creative Magazine and Blog Theme

Viral: Magazine Layout for Viral Content

JD Magazine - Best Magazine Joomla 3.9 Template

Null - News & Editorial Magazine Blogger Theme

NewStar - News Magazine Newspaper

Milieu - Art, Style and Culture Magazine

NewsFlash - Joomla News & Magazine Template

Minberi - Newspaper & Editorial WordPress Theme

Newsmaker - News & Editorial UI KIT

Ebullient - Modern News and Magazine Theme

Neori - News and Magazine WordPress Theme

Filmax | Movie Magazine WordPress Theme

Penta - A Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

Peflican - A Newspaper and Magazine WordPress Theme

Azar - WordPress News & Blog Theme

MinberiMag - Newspaper & Editorial HTML5 Magazine

RT magazine - Multipurpose News Magazine PSD Template

ONews - Newspaper, News Magazine Theme WordPress (Modern Designs with Mobile Layout Included)

Nerubian - A Modern News & Magazine Theme

Vintauge - Responsive Blog & Fashion Ghost Blog Theme (GloriaThemes)

Achilles - Multipurpose Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme

Mercury - Gambling News & Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme

Enya - WordPress Theme for Creative Bloggers

Narges - WordPress Blog & Magazine Theme

Hygge | An Independent Editorial Magazine & Blog Theme with Shop

Trendion | A Personal Lifestyle Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

MediaDesk - Magazine WordPress Theme

Social Activism - Non-Government Organization WordPress Theme

Hallo - Lifestyle A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

PantoGraph - Newspaper Magazine Theme

Waulah - Infinite Scroll Grid Style News Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

Wikilogy - Wiki & Blog WordPress Theme

The Newspaper - News Magazine Editorial WordPress Theme

Elitemag - Stylish WordPress Blog and Magazine Theme

Mimit - Ultimate News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Social Activism - Non-Government Organization HTML Template with builder

aNews - WordPress Theme for Magazine and Blog

Apollo - WordPress News and Magazine Theme

JNews - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme

Mazada - News & Magazine WordPress Theme

News247 - News Magazine WordPress Theme

RedMag - AdSense Optimized & Entertainment News Theme

Mag | Full Featured WordPress Magazine

Boal - Newspaper Magazine News

TrendyMag - WordPress News Magazine & Blog Theme

Seaford - Multi-Purpose Magazine WordPress Theme

Rimi - WordPress Theme for Food Blog and Magazine

I-News - Bootstrap Responsive HTML News & Magazine Blog Template

Airy - Flexible Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Xnews - WordPress Theme for Magazine / News / Blog

Smiley - Viral WordPress Blog Magazine Theme

MagBlog - News & Editorial Magazine Drupal 8 Theme

Newsflash - News Theme

Anthein - WordPress Blog Theme

MagSports - News Editorial & Magazine Drupal 8 Theme

Mulada - Ghost Theme for Bloggers (GloriaThemes)

Magzino - Review, Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

News247 - News Magazine HTML Template

Ravelry - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Jupios - Ghost Theme for Bloggers (GloriaThemes)

Elpis - A Simple Design For Bloggers

Reendex - Broadcast News Magazine WordPress Theme

Dawn Magazine Theme

MagBlog - News & Editorial Magazine Blogger Theme

PresssMagz - Editorial News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Exposed- News Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

News365 - WordPress Newspaper Theme for Magazine / Blog

Evonews - News/Magazine WordPress Theme

Flow News - Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme

Flash News - Responsive News Theme

NewsPaper2017 - WordPress Theme for Blog and Magazine

Whyte | Creative WP Theme

Travel Blog | Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Bold News - Magazine News Newspaper

Readable - Blogging WordPress Theme Focused on Readability

Avantura - Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme

News247 - News/Magazine Joomla Template

Valhalla - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Glamour News - Magazine & News PSD Template

TechPro - WordPress Theme for Magazine / News / Blog

365 News - News Blog Publishing Magazine WordPress Theme

Personal WordPress Theme

The Article - News PSD Template

Journal - Blog and Magazine Theme

Moustache | WordPress Blog & Magazine Theme

Writeup - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

MagBlog - News Editorial & Magazine HTML5 Template

Newsworld | Mutil-Concept Magazine HTML5 Template

Artisty - A News and Magazine Template

FRISIAN - Magazine & Blog PSD Template

Buzzed Magazine Theme

FullStory - WordPress Theme for Blog / Magazine / Newspaper

Glossy Mag - News Magazine HTML Template

Khobari - News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Presse - WordPress Magazine News Theme

Mag WP | Magazine WordPress Theme

Top Magazine - News, Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Max Magazine - News & Blog HTML Template

Wide - Magazine & Blog WordPress Themes

About Me - Creative & Clean WordPress Theme

Mellany - WordPress Theme for Magazine / News / Blog

Grand Magazine | Magazine WordPress for Magazine

GeekMag - Magazine News Blog WordPress Theme

Cindy J | Creative Portfolio / Blog / CV HTML Theme

Red Zone - Game PSD Template (Blog, Review, Portal, Community)

24h News - Broadcast News TV Channel and News Magazine Template

Wise Mag – The Wisest AD Optimized Magazine Blog WordPress Theme

Fason - Fashion and Lifestyle Personal Blog

Actuality - Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Wink - Modern & Elegant & Clean WordPress Theme

ExpNews - Newspaper and Magazine WordPress Theme

InfoWazz - WordPress Theme for Blog / Magazine / Newspaper

Radians | Modern Magazine Theme

Urline - Creative WordPress Travel News And Magazine Theme

Gridlove - Creative Grid Style News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Journalist - WordPress Blog & Magazine Theme

Artmag Magazine & Shop WordPress Theme

MMA Sports Magazine Theme

Blake von Hauer - Editorial Fashion Magazine Theme

WindowMag - Responsive News / Magazine / Blog Theme

IT 365News - News/ Magazine Joomla Template Gantry 5

Geo Magazine | Modern Responsive Newspaper | News Portal WordPress Theme

MagazinePlus - WordPress Premium theme for News / Magazine / Newspaper

Overture - WordPress Magazine News Theme

Lotos - Simple Blog Theme

Status Magazine WordPress Theme

Gamez - Games, Movie, Music Review and Editorial WordPress Theme

Brookly - Fashion Magazine Blog WordPress Theme

Future Magazine WordPress Theme

Byline - Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme

Benavente - News & Magazine HTML Template

Cover Image | Online Magazine PSD Template

Newser - The Multiuse Drag and Drop News/Magazine WordPress Theme

Hunted - A Flowing Editorial Magazine Theme

Newsri - WordPress Magazine Theme

AmyNews - News Magazine Fashion Game Sport Theme

Hotmagazine - News & Magazine HTML Template

Bangkok Press - Responsive, News & Editorial Theme

NewsPaper - News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Aesthetic - Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Grand News | News Magazine

Hush | Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment News Theme

Blissard - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Flip Mag - Viral WordPress News Magazine/Blog Theme

Daily News - WordPress News / Magazine And Blog Theme

Tana Magazine - PSD Template

Marlene - Magazine and Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Discussion - News Theme

Split - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Aspire - News & Magazine Clean WordPress Theme

Hash - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Composs - Elegant Blog, Magazine & News HTML Template

Newsstand - Responsive Magazine & Editorial WordPress Theme

Kuta: Responsive Ghost Theme

Portus - News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

News Gamer - A Newspaper Publishing Theme

Agaza - News & Magazine PSD Template

Artmag - Clean WordPress Blog and Magazine Theme

Revija – Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme

Bianca — Clean Blog WordPress Theme

SNEWS | Eye-catching Magazine, Reviews & Newspaper WordPress Theme

Bourz: Life, Entertainment & Fashion Blog Theme

Lark - WordPress Magazine & Blog Theme

Magazine Vibe - Magazine Theme

Ecota - Responsive Magazine & News HTML Template

SHABD - Personal, News, Blog, WordPress Theme

Daily Observer - A Modern Magazine, Review & News Portal WordPress Theme

Herald - News Portal & Magazine WordPress Theme

GoodLife - Responsive Magazine & Newspaper Theme

CrystalSkull - Gaming Magazine WordPress Theme

Woohoo News - Newspaper Magazine News AMP Multipurpose + RTL

Magiz HTML Template

Bitz - News & Publishing Theme

HealthMag - News & Magazine PSD Template

Lark - Responsive Ghost Theme

Symmetric - A Magazine Theme for Ghost

Insidr: Responsive Theme for Writer

VerityMag - News & Magazine PSD Template

Explore - Ghost Theme

Aloha - Ghost Theme

Maxi - News & Magazine Theme

CityNews - Comprehensive Newspaper WordPress Theme

Forman - Responsive News, Magazine and Blog Theme

Hash - News & Magazine HTML Template

Examiner Magazine Theme

Master | Premium Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

HotMag - Responsive WordPress News, Magazine and Blog Template

Ranzim - Responsive Magazine WordPress Theme

Insight - Minimal Magazine & WooCommerce WP Theme

Metz - A Fashioned Editorial Magazine Theme

Miao - Fashion Magazine, News & Blog WordPress Theme

Compass - Magazine Theme for WordPress

Ranzim - Magazine/News Responsive HTML Template

DailyTimes - News and Magazine Joomla Template

Magaziner - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Milk-It - Creative WordPress blog/magazine theme

Pressroom - News and Magazine WordPress Theme

Blackfyre - Create Your Own Gaming Community

UMag - News, Magazine & Blog Template

Ziggy - Professional Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme

Volt - Newspaper Magazine theme WordPress

Esquise - Magazine WordPress Theme

Gazeta - Responsive Magazine WordPress Theme

Urban Mag - News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Jockey - Sports Magazine & News Theme

Impala - Colorful WordPress theme for Magazine and Blog

MultiMag - Multipurpose Magazine Theme

Mzine. Magazine, Blog, News Responsive HTML Template

WordPress Post Planner

Mighty News Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)

The Ultimate News App Template

eNews - Online Newspaper & Magazine CMS

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