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Loag - HR Payroll Adobe XD Template

Next CRM & Support Management Tool

ERPGo SaaS - All In One Business ERP With Project, Account, HRM & CRM

ERPGo - All In One Business ERP With Project, Account, HRM & CRM

TaskEr - A powerful Todo iOS App (Swift, iOS 11+)

Mytask - Laravel Project Management Admin Template

TeamWork Laravel - Project Management System

Supplier Management module for Perfex CRM

EasyCRM - Awesome Powerful Open Source CRM

POD - Angular Project Management Software

PeoplePro - HRM, Payroll & Project Management

TimWork SaaS - Team Collaboration System and Project Management Tool

Employee Task Management Software

CRMGo - Projects, Accounting, Leads, Deals & HRM Tool

CRMGo SaaS - Projects, Accounting, Leads, Deals & HRM Tool

TimWork - Team collaboration Tool and Project Management System

iHRM - Multi Branch Human Resource Management

TaskGo – Tasks Management Tool

TaskGo SaaS – Tasks Management Tool

Staff Workload for Perfex CRM

Teamwork - Project Management System

Workflow - Project Management System

VipsPM - Angular8 + Laravel5.7 Project Suite

WorkGo SaaS - Lead and Project Management Tool

WorkGo - Lead and Project Management Tool

Employerr SaaS - Deal Management Tool

Employerr - Deal Management Tool

ActivePRO - Project & Tasks Management System for Active Professionals

TASKLY SaaS – Project Management Tool

Church Volunteer Management System - GForce

TASKLY – Project Management Tool

Smart - Powerful Responsive CRM With Front End

ProjectCamp - Powerful Project Management web application

Deals Manager 2 CRM

DE-TASK (Beacon Based Task management App )

SmartHR - HR, Payroll & Project Mngt Mobile Template

Ekushey Project Manager CRM

Taskfeed Project Management Software

Job/Task Scheduler

Wordpress Task Management (Task Manager)

Project Management Application PHP & AJAX

ClientEngage Project Platform - PHP Client Script

Worksuite Saas - Project Management System

SmartHR | HR Management System - Ionic and React Native Mobile App Template

Microelephant - CRM & Project Management System built with Laravel

EasyCRM - Calendar and Customer Management

ToDo List, Issue and Bug Tracker

TODO App - iOS App For Task List (Online Storage Parse)

CRM for Magento 2

Taski - A Full Featured Task Management System

Employee Management System - HRM

TODO App - iOS App For Task List (Local Storage)

Incoded CRM - Customer Relationship Management System

Fitsigma - Gym Management Software

A1 HRM - Human Resource Management System

Office Management

WORKSUITE - Project Management System

Task Manager Pro - Project Based Task Management Plugin For Wordpress

ReportIt 1.4.0

pKANBAN - Personal Task Board

Scrum Planner

Advanced HRM

Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO

RISE - Ultimate Project Manager

X Project Manager CRM PRO

Project Manager With Billing Accounting CRM PRO

Perfex - Powerful Open Source CRM

TaskShop - Order Management System

MagicApps - Project Management+ESN+Apps+AppBuilder

Drag Drop Deals Manager CRM

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